Glow in the Dark Koosh

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The compendium of all the Koosh games undera ge experts could possibly invent. A triplet of glow-in-the-d arkmini-Kooshes is supplied, so the 33 games can be played i n the dark '
Website article with still images and some extra text information: In this video, I test the groupings and... Glow in the Dark Koosh Image
AUTHOR John Cassidy
FILENAME Glow in the Dark Koosh.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 18 Oct 2002

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Koosh like Porcupine ball : PORCUPINE BALL - GLOWS - The koosh ball started with a fuzzy rubber ball. The PORCUPINE BALL is similar. The Porcupine Koosh like balls are brightly colored balls which that glow in the dark!

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