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In an age of myriad computer fonts and instant communication, your handwriting style is increasingly a very personal creation. In this book, Margaret Shepherd, America's premier calligrapher, shows you that calligraphy is not simply a craft you can learn, but an elegant art form that you can make your own.Calligraphy remains perennially popular, often adorning wedding invitations, diplomas, and commercial signs. Whether it is Roman, Gothic, Celtic, Bookhand, or Italic style, calligraphy conveys class and elegance. Margaret Shepherd makes this ancient art form accessible in a completely hand-lettered technical guide that will:* Provide context for calligraphy as an art, exploring the rich tradition of hand-lettering and mapping the evolution of the most popular styles.* Give detailed technical advice on choosing pens, paper, and inks, setting up your workspace, mastering various pen angles, along with step-by-step illustrations to guide you as you practice.* Explain which alphabets are appropriate for different forms of writing. For example, the Roman alphabet works well for short, unpunctuated passages, while the Italic alphabet is more suited to informal everyday communication.* Encourage you to personalize your lettering by using variant strokes and interpreting how you would like the words to look on the page.* Inspire you with carefully chosen illustrations and examples, which bring letters to life.In Margaret Shepherd's own words, "Calligraphy trains not only your eye and hand, but your mind as well." Learn Calligraphy is the authoritative primer for this age-old craft, and will help develop a new appreciation for lettering as you discover your creative personality.
Finding the right calligraphy font for your needs can be a hard and arduous task. They are either too decorative and flashy for your simple designs or too simple and modern for your formal designs. Calligraphy fonts have many uses and are best paired with a simple body font for balance. Use them ...
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AUTHOR Margaret Shepherd
FILENAME Learn Calligraphy.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 28 Jun 2001

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Calligraphy is the source and root of all letterforms. Whether you're an aspiring type designer or lettering artist, or just someone who wants to write beautifully, this course provides you with a ...

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Calligraphy is the source and root of all letterforms. Whether you're an aspiring type designer or lettering artist, or just someone who wants to write beautifully, this course provides you with a ...


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